My name is Marco Traverso, I’m an engineer and designer from Rome, Italy.

I graduated Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering  – a 5 year-degree – in 2001 and since then I have been working at the crossroads between engineering, industrial design, 3D CAD modeling, code programming and a bit of technical writing.

By blending these skills and interests, in 2004 I launched Car Body Design, a website dedicated to automotive and industrial design which has become a well-established resource in the industry and which I still run today as an independent publisher.

My work as a designer/engineer is focused on parametric 3D design, and in particular on custom tools and techniques that make use of Grasshopper, the visual programming tool integrated inside Rhinoceros, the 3D application by McNeel.

I you are interested in hiring me or discuss a project or a collaboration please feel free to contact me using the form below, I’ll reply within a couple of days at most.


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