The initial idea for this concept was to use number of 3D patterns to model a wrist watch with a retro, art-déco inspired style.

The idea expanded and the final parametric model includes almost all the different components: the case, the full dial design, the bracelet and details such as the crown, case back with engravings and crystal. The shapes were modeled using a combination of SubDs and Nurbs with a variety of techniques.

Different 3D patterns are used for the surfacing of the dial, for the bracelet - which is based on this parametric design wall pattern - and for the case.

The only hand-modeled parts are the bracelet end pieces and the clasp: they were sculpted using SubDs, and then the subsequent boolean and filleting operations were automated in Grasshopper.

The Grasshopper definition allows to generate most of the parts based on a few input curves and surfaces and some numeric parameters, and shows how it is possible to use this approach to create design iterations and variants.

All the different parts were converted into meshes in Grasshopper, and then exported to Blender.

The images were rendered in Blender 3.1 with Cycles.