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Corsi Rhino e Grasshopper

Corsi Individuali e di Gruppo per Aziende, Professionisti e Studenti Authorized Rhino Trainer   For training courses in English click here...

How to learn Grasshopper

Grasshopper Learning Resources   In order to get better at Grasshopper/parametric design my suggestion is to focus on a specific goal -...

ShapeDiver interview with Marco Traverso

Interview on ShapeDiver

I've been interviewed by the team at ShapeDiver for their Designers Corner series: if you want to know a little bit of my background and my...

Parametric Daily 031 - Scaled Texture Vase detail

#ParametricDaily 031: scaled surface

This isĀ  variant of the recent diamond pattern. The diamond panels are similarly split into triangles, then one of the points is offset from...


Grasshopper Training Individual Training Courses

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