I created the interwoven 3D patterns in August 2017, as part of the upcoming training course on parametric/procedural design with Rhino and Grasshopper, and the project was originally published on my personal Behance page.

The patterns are based on a single Grasshopper definition. Each pattern consists of three separate elements which are interwoven among each other.

Different shapes can be created by using a small set of dimensional parameters. I also included the possibility of varying some of them along the grid using for example attractor points pr applying variation curves with Graph Mappers.

The patterns are tileable, and can by applied to arbitrary surfaces using a Morph operation. It is also possible to create closed loops without any open border on one of the (U,V) directions.

It would be very interesting to use this shapes for semi-flexible objects, and to produce them in real world using 3D printing - which will be the next step in this research project.

The images were rendered using Modo, my rendering engine of choice before I switched to Blender's Cycles.