I had the pleasure to talk at the recent Seminar titled DSURF, organized by the BSc in Design and the MSc in Product Design at the Sapienza University in Rome.

During my presentation I had the opportunity to show students some of the potential applications of computational design, from the more technical ones to the practical enhancement in the daily design workflow, to the opportunities for creative explorations.

Above: Introduction by Lorenzo Imbesi (left) - Presentation by Fabio Pellacini (right)

The one-day event also featured presentations by Fabio Pellacini (Full Professor at the Dept of Computer Science at Sapienza University and former Graphics Software Engineer at Pixar); Massimo Moretti, CEO at WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project); Massimo Bianchini (Professor and Lab Manager at Polifactory - Politecnico di Milano).

Above: My presentation (left) - Presentation by Massimo Bianchini (right)

The event was organized and hosted by Lorenzo Imbesi Director, Sapienza Design Research, and Viktor Malakuczi, Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science, Sapienza.

Above: Presentations by Massimo Moretti (left) Fabio Pellacini (right)

It was a great experience that offered a very interesting look into the future of digital design.

For more info and photos you can check the Facebook page of the event.