For Professionals and Students - 2018-2019 Edition

One-to-one remote sessions completely targeted and built around your specific needs


ART - Authorized Rhino Trainer


Learn Efficiently: Learn Grasshopper with a private, expert tutor, with a constant feedback and focusing just on the things you need.

Fully Personalized: The fees include the course preparation which is based on the attendant's requirements, plus email support for the entire course duration.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: after the first hour of training if you are not 100% happy you can request a total refund, no questions asked.


Grasshopper Intermediate / Advanced Level

Course Objectives: The course is designed for those who are already familiar with the Grasshopper user interface and workflow and want to delve into specific areas of interest.

Topics covered: The topics covered are largely defined by the course attendant: they can include advanced pattern and texture modeling, freeform surfaces, parametric design, algorithm design optimization, best practices, data management etc.


Grasshopper Base Level

Course Objectives: The course is designed for those who want to start learning Grasshopper efficiently, with a private tutor that guides them through the software in the correct way, with a higher level of feedback and interaction compared to conventional pre-structured courses.

Topics covered: Getting started with Grasshopper and/or Rhino, the user interface, the basic principles of parametric/algorithm design.
Once you are familiar with the foundations, and compatibly with the available time, it is possible to focus on some specific subjects: textures and patterns, parametric CAD, freeform surface modeling, etc.


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