This project was a way for demonstrating how a parametric definition in Grasshopper can be used to generate shapes and ideas quite different from the original intent.

Once the main definition is created, it's possible to "play" with the different parameters using the sliders, and when the time required to compute each solution is very quick - like in this case - it's possible to have an instant feedback that enables to keep adjusting the shape until we "see" something interesting.

The original definition is quite simple - a geometry shaped like a bottle/vase and with an optional sets of horizontal cutlines, plus a matching cap.

All the ideas were generated in less than an hour during a single session, then I finalized some of them into "product design" renderings, using Blender's Cycles.

Except for a few modifications and the graphic details, all the final objects were rendered straight from the Grasshopper baking operation.

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