Grasshopper Learning Resources


In order to get better at Grasshopper/parametric design my suggestion is to focus on a specific goal - rather than just starting to learn in a more abstract way.

Whenever you face a problem, you can search for solutions using the forums (the new one and also the old one - check the links below) or look for specific tutorials.

Working on a practical case will help you keep your focus and with time you'll be learning the foundations as well. I personally find this is a very good approach.


See also:

Grasshopper Individual Training Courses



- Free Webinar: Introduction to Grasshopper for Designers

- Free Webinar: Designing 3D Patterns with Rhino and Grasshopper

Official Forums (new forum - this is the best place to ask questions) (old forum - there is still a lot of information)


Reference Books

AAD Algorithms-Aided Design: Parametric Strategies using Grasshopper by Arturo Tedeschi

Grasshopper Primer Third Edition

Essential Mathematics For Computational Design