After the recent car rim design, this is a new demonstration of a parametric model done with Grasshopper and published through the ShapeDiver platform.

This time the parametric model is capable of generating a variety of tower designs, allowing to specify the overall shape and dimensions, the type of balcony pattern style - using different image textures - as well as other architectural elements.

Check the interactive model also on ShapeDiver - the fullscreen is working there

A note about the Grasshopper definition: the model is generated using NURBS curves and  meshes: this allows to optimize the time needed for the model generation (the entire process takes less than 2 seconds).

The pattern for the balconies is based on image textures. In the interactive model the user can select among 5 options, in the original definition it is possible to control in detail how the images translate into a 3D pattern.

Apart from the slab flat planes, the meshes use a clean all-quad topology, which makes them perfectly suitable for being processed in a polygonal modeler. All the balcony walls and slabs can have an optional bevel which catches a nice highlights and avoids a sharp corner.

Below are a few examples of designs generated through the definition.

ShapeDiver offer an interesting solutions for companies who look for a fully parametric online configurator: customers can customize a product,  download a personalized 3D model or finalize the purchase online.

If you are interested in implementing an interactive 3D model or a full online configurator, you can contact me by filling the form on the contact page.