I've been interviewed by the team at ShapeDiver for their Designers Corner series: if you want to know a little bit of my background and my views on parametric design and  its relation with the automotive industry here is the full interview. Also make sure to check out the other episodes in the series.

Thanks to Ezequiel and the entire team at ShapeDiver for having me, it's been a real pleasure!

About ShapeDiver

ShapeDiver is a unique platform for publishing parametric 3D models online. It is basically a "Grasshopper in the Cloud" service, with an extensive API that allows to create completely customizable 3D experiences directly inside the browser. This allows to have fully interactive product configurators.

You can see an example in my recent Parametric Wheel model, which can be changed interactively within the browser's interface.

If you are interested in knowing more about this technology you can contact ShapeDiver - you can mention me as the source of the information - or drop me a message directly.