Create a custom, perfect fit face mask ready for 3D printing

Upload your face/head 3D scan and create a downloadable face mask based on your own face.

This is a technical demonstration. Final version is under development. Please read below for more details.

Cap with Filter

Adapter Shape


The Idea: a reusable, custom-fit face mask

The goal is to offer a simple tool for generating a 3D printable face mask that can be customized based on the 3D scan of one's head or face, which today can be created in relatively simple way using the latest generation smartphones.

The final version of the tool will allow users to upload their own 3D face scan model and to generate and download the 3D printable face mask,

In this way everyone could have a reusable, personalized plastic mask, complete with a interchangeable filter, with a very good, custom fit and at a very low cost.

The Tool

This project integrates the capabilities of parametric 3D design software (Rhino / Grasshopper, by McNeel & Associates) with a custom-built simple web interface, using a technology infrastructure provided by ShapeDiver - a solution usually used by companies for creating complex online product configurators.

The tool is not 100% automatic: it provides few, simple controls to adjust the shape of the custom mask, and this is done for two reasons:

Modular Design

The face mask is made of two distinct part:


The use of a easily changeable filter would allow to use a fraction of the quantity of material found in one conventional mask, and the 3D printed masks could be sterilized between uses, minimizing the need for masks as well as the waste of material with all the related problems (there are already some existing projects on this).

Open to Collaborations - Get in Contact

The project is intended as a small contribution in the global fight against the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal is to offer this online tool free for everyone in the world, and to find partners interested in developing the production details in order to bring a product - possibly free or with a very low

Those who are interested - companies, institutions- in a possible collaboration can contact me at or by sending me a message from the contact page.

About Me

My name is Marco Traverso, I am an engineer and designer specialized in 3D Modeling and Parametric Design.

You can find more information about my work at


Project developed in partnership with ShapeDiver

Other Credits

The sample 3D can models are provided by 3D Scan Store, Render People.