Parametric Daily

ParametricDaily 018 - 3D Wave Texture

#ParametricDaily 018: 3D wave texture

For this entry the Grasshopper definition creates a wavy pattern by offsetting a subset of the surface control points along two directions. The...

ParametricDaily 011 - Parametric Organic Architecture - Facade Design

#ParametricDaily 011

This image is a combination of the 3D panels seen in #ParametricDaily 004 and yesterday's definition. The HDRI is courtesy of HDRI Haven.  

Parametric Daily 008 - 3D Pattern with Fading Effect thumbnail

#ParametricDaily 008

Today's entry is a 3D mesh pattern applied to a freeform surface. The definition uses a way for adding deformations along lines, mimicking the...

ParametricDaily 004 - Acoustic Panels 3D Pattern

#ParametricDaily 004

This type of geometry is being used on acoustic panels. Creating the basic panel using NURBS curve profile is pretty straightforward. On the...