I've always found fascinating the ability to demonstrate a parametric models by displaying the different shapes that an object can have through an animation.

While this is relatively simple to do within the Rhino basic viewport, I explored different ways for doing it using a more advanced renderer and a more photorealistic look.

The animation below was done using Blender's Eevee engine, which - once setup appropriately and with a good enough GPU - allows to render good-looking images very quickly, which in turns enables to create animations without having to wait multiple hours.

Each frame is calculated in Grasshopper, imported in Blender and then rendered, and the operation is automated through a custom tool that is being developed expanding on work done for clients.

As the tool evolves, my goal is to post more of these, as I feel they give a good sense of the geometric capabilities of parametric 3D models, and can also be used for more "cinematic" animations.