The beginning of a new year seems like a very good moment to start a "daily" challenge, so in order to give a concrete, measurable context to my plans for 2019 I decided to challenge myself to create a daily parametric design: a pattern, a texture, a full render or a basic idea, the only requirement is that each image is to be centered around a parametric/procedural design developed with Grasshopper.

As with all these challenges, the hardest part is to to be able to persevere and find consistency along an entire year - then again, if this was an easy task, it wouldn't be a challenge...

To start out I'm posting an image centered around the Christmas/New Year Holiday Theme - A shape that mixes the structure of snowflakes with the overall shape of a Christmas Tree.

The original idea was to have a full animation, however time and logistic constraints have made this not possible, so I'm just posting a still image.

The 3D model was created using a relatively simple Grasshopper definition, applied recursively for a small number of iterations.

The image was rendered in Blender using Cycles.

If you find the image interesting and want to know more about its creation please let me know, I might post a video showing the creation process.

And, by the way, Happy New Year!